Jeremy Ranch Traditional

This project was SO much fun! My clients gave me a budget and a direction and then handed me the reigns. This is actually how I do my best work! I was able to determine what the priorities were and allocate funds accordingly. Much of the furniture was bought at local consignment stores. With their trust, I was able to buy things when I saw them. In many of these cases... you snooze, you lose! We kept the original kitchen cabinets and countertops but replaced the backsplash (It was the biggest offender). We removed a built-in desk next to the dining area and replaced it with a custom hutch to incorporate a wine fridge. We painted the built in cabinetry on either side of the fireplace white. (These originally matched the kitchen cabinets.) We replaced carpeting with hardwood floors throughout the entire main level. This was the largest expense but made all the difference in updating the space. The place went from a dark mountain home to a cozy, eclectic space bursting with color and charisma.