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Julie Assenberg Interior Design, LLC is a full-service design firm located in Salt Lake City, Utah. Julie and her team create environments that inspire people to live beautiful lives.
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Julie is more than an interior designer— she is an artist.

Julie has experience in nearly every aspect of art and design. Julie earned a degree in Fashion Merchandising and Textiles from The University of Utah. Upon graduation, she worked as a buyer for an exclusive men's clothing store.

Later, Julie did the buying and merchandising for an upscale boutique before landing a job in the world of fine art. Art was right up her alley. She grew up surrounded by incredible art. While working for the art gallery, an architect asked her to come on board as his assistant. He soon realized her vast potential and began trusting her with design decisions. In 2008 things changed. He no longer had enough work to keep her on.

By now, Julie had remodeled several homes. She was becoming aware that she had a true gift. She realized she was born to be a designer. Even though it was 2008 and the economy wasn't doing well, she bravely took the leap and started her own interior design business. Julie's artistic talents are varied, but her true passion lies in creating beautiful homes that transform the way people live their lives.

Julie brings not only her own obsession with design to the table but an inborn sense of style that she comes by quite naturally. Read more....


A Legacy of Style and Taste

Julie has an intuitive eye for design that was inherited from her father, Richard Assenberg, designer to Hollywood’s elite including Richard Pryor, Michael Keaton, Scott Bakula, Heather Thomas, Patricia Richardson and Ed Zwick. 


my Father's Legacy

My dad grew up in the small town of Farmington, Utah and, by a twist of fate, became a designer to Hollywood stars. My father is a true renaissance man. As a young boy, he listened to Bach, Beethoven, Brahms, Rachmaninoff and Dvorak. He began drawing and painting at an early age. In his 20's while selling business supplies, he became friends with the designers and sales staff at Clark-Leaming, a design firm. He chatted with them about music and art and showed them his sketches. The owners of the company recognized his talent and creative genius so they offered him a job. 

Years later, my father designed a condo in Park City that grabbed the attention of a Hollywood producer who hired my father to restore his historic mansion near Beverly Hills, CA. From that job, my dad received countless others from famous movie stars, producers and directors. My father was not formally trained, neither am I. I believe that good design cannot be taught. It comes from somewhere deep within your soul.


My Mother's Legacy

My mom was a model in college. She is the essence of style and grace. For many years, my mom owned and operated a successful catering business. Her spectacular presentations of food and flowers gained her a large following in Salt Lake City. I helped her all throughout my young adulthood to earn extra cash. Her sister, my aunt Marva, was a floral designer. I would assist her when she did floral arrangements for  weddings. I absorbed a great deal about working with flowers and picked up many tips and trade secrets under her tutelage.

In Nephi, Utah back in the late 1800’s, my great-grandmother, Selena Bell, owned and operated a Millinery. A Millinery is a hat shop. She designed and constructed hats— a woman’s signature statement. Her creations were truly works of art. When designing spaces and planning events, I combine my father’s practical sense and use of high-end art and furnishings with a more feminine, whimsical approach that I inherited from my mom's side of the family.



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Julie is not like other designers; she does far more than decorate your home. Julie is a full-service interior designer who brings soul into every home she enters. She is a master at working with the treasures you already own while incorporating unique finds, original art, and antiques. In short, she creates eclectic masterpieces with a purposeful blend of old and new. Whether you’re building, remodeling, or landscaping, Julie will bring personality, character, and charm to create an original space that transforms the way you live your life.