The Smalls: A Shopping Disorder

“The smalls” is what I call the tendency to satisfy a need for instant gratification by buying lots of affordable knick-knacks.

—For example, vases and other decorative objects—rather than saving up for bigger items you really want that will last a long time. Yes, buying “the smalls” makes you happy for that moment and sometimes for a bit longer, but instead of using that money on the little things, you may be able to remodel your kitchen by saving up!

This is all too common in some of my client’s homes—there’s simply too much STUFF. In order to cut down on clutter, whenever I buy something new, something that I already own has to go. Thank goodness for consignment stores! If you’re good shopper, the money you get from selling the item can even pay for the item you’re replacing it with.

You may not even know that you have a case of “the smalls”. I certainly didn’t think I was a victim until I sold my home two years ago and downsized to a smaller place. I found many vases, decorative bowls, throw pillows, and candle sticks in my home that had hardly, if ever, been used. My love of beautiful, small objects became very apparent.

The first step to decluttering was to get rid of many of these items, so I had a garage sale. It actually looked more like a boutique! I paired similar items together such as a serving board, a book called The Cheese Course, and a spreader. I even wrapped things up in cellophane and tied them with a bow. Once you declutter your home, you should practice methods of healthy consumerism, rather than having a garage sale every year or finding places to store your nick nacks.

Instead of impulse buying, try walking away and waiting at least a day before purchasing an item. I wouldn’t want to be blamed for you missing out on the bargain of the century, but more often than not, we are carried away by the moment.

If you can’t stop thinking about it after a day and it appears in your dreams, go back and get it.

If it has been sold, it wasn’t meant to be. One thing I know to be true: there will always be more good stuff just around the corner. Another piece of advice— if an item sits in your cupboard and isn’t used at least once every year or two… get rid of it!

If you ever need help decluttering your home or choosing where to focus your attention, schedule a design consultation with Julie!