Pillow Madness

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For years 18” x 18” pillows were the standard. Now 20” x 20” are more common. This is my go to size for corner pillows on a sofa. I only buy those that are a minimum of 50% down and 50% feather.

Generally, the higher the amount of down, the higher the cost of the insert. My preference is 90% down and 10% feather.

If you choose to put 2 pillows on each corner of a sofa, do two 20” x 20” pillows on the ends and layer 2 18” x 18” ones in front. A second option is one long kidney pillow in the center along with the 2 20” x 20” pillows on the corners. I am far from matchy, matchy. However, I like the pillows on each corner of the sofa to match the ones opposite. I feel it looks unbalanced when they are different.

Pillows is one place I tell my clients to go for broke! So many of the incredibly gorgeous fabrics I find are upwards of $300 per yard. I just spotted my all time high at $1,100 a yard. Unbelievable! Most people couldn’t dream of using a fabric this costly as drapes, to cover an entire sofa or even upholster a chair.

Throw pillows may be the only way to incorporate such grand materials.

Yes, they will still be expensive. Many fabric companies now require a 2 yard minimum. This, plus the cost of down inserts and a seamstress may set you back $250-$350 a pillow.

Don’t forget the trim! A unusual edge can take a simple pillow from awesome to freakin amazing! In my opinion, the pop of WOW is worth it.

Cover your sofa in a durable neutral fabric at around $30-$40 a yard and spend what you save on pillows, art and a killer chair. Here again, a chair requires less yardage than a sofa…. think about going a little crazy here too!